Blue Fog Mountain Range



Blue Fog Mountain Range is a fishing location.

Fishing Spots
Name Required Level Picture Premium
Wapo River 1 Waporiver No
Riffle Valley 5 Rifflevalley No
Fog Lake 10 Foglake No
Secret Garden 15 Secretgarden Yes


Item Picture Source
Small Claw Small claw Blue Gill, Crappie, Yellowfin Goby, Striped Shiner, Bass, Mudfish, Ricefish
Yellow Gingko Leaf Yellow ginko leaf Bass, Trout, Sleeper Goby, Mandarin Fish
Old Rope Old rope Pirarucu, Snapping Turtle, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Carp
Biforked Scale Biforked scale Perch, Bighead Carp, Black Dragon Fish, Tiger Shovelnose, Leather Carp
Pink Lotus Leaf Pink lotus leaf Walleye, White Salmon, Perch, Tiger Shovelnose, Carp, Leather Carp


Collection Stars Reward
1 Solo Wise
2 5 Expansion Tickets
3 2000 gold
4 3 Energy +10
5 Upgrade Scroll
6 4 Energy +30
7 20 S-Crank
8 3 S-Chum
9 10 Upgrade Scrolls
10 Special Potion (+10)
11 and more 15 S-Grasshopper

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