Clam beach
Clam Beach


White Clam Town

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Clam Beach is a fishing site in White Clam Town.

Beach made of broken and smashed clams. Fresh water and sea water meet here. Many different fishes appear.

Appearing Fish Type
Fish Bait SSS Fish Price
Sawfish Bug, Shrimp, Synthetic Crank 432
Gray Mullet Paste, Earthworm, Shrimp 459
Isurus Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Minnow, Shrimp
Sea Bass Synthetic Crank, Artificial Worm, Earthworm 1413
Horse Mackerel Synthetic Spinner, Bug, Shrimp 573
Flounder Synthetic Minnow, Synthetic Spinner, Earthworm 819
Sea Chub Bug, Paste, Artificial Worm 555
Starfish Bug, Earthworm, Paste
Rockfish Artificial Worm, Synthetic Spinner, Earthworm 843
Pomfret Synthetic Minnow, Synthetic Crank, Artificial Worm 867
Shuttles Hoppfish Artificial Worm, Bug, Paste 444
Butterflyfish Synthetic Spinner, Earthworm, Paste 804


Item Picture Source
Broken Clam Shell Broken clam shell Flounder, Rockfish, Sea Bass, Gray Mullet, Butterflyfish, Sea Chub
Smooth White Sand Smooth white sand Sea Bass, Pomfret, Gray Mullet, Sawfish, Butterflyfish, Horse Mackerel, Rockfish, Sea Chub
Empty Glass Bottle Empty glass bottle Pomfret, Sea Chub, Horse Mackerel, Butterflyfish
Palm Tree Leaf Palm tree leaf Starfish, Flounder, Sea Bass, Gray Mullet, Sea Chub
Small Starfish Small starfish Starfish, Gray Mullet, Pomfret, Flounder, Rockfish, Sea Bass, Sea Chub


Collection Stars Reward
1 7 stars
2 1500 gold
3 2000 gold
4 20 S-Worm
5 3000 gold
6 3500 gold
7 4000 gold
8 5000 gold
9 7000 gold
10 10000 gold
11 and more 2500 gold