Evening sunset wharf
Evening Sunset Wharf


Sunset Lagoon

Fishing site type:




Energy required:


Evening Sunset Wharf is a fishing site in Sunset Lagoon.

This is Sunset Lagoon's wharf. Famous for beautiful evening sunset.

Appearing Fish Type
Fish Bait SSS Fish Price
Rainbowfish Synthetic Minnow, Earthworm, Synthetic Spinner 1713
Buffalo Fish Artificial Worm, Synthetic Crank, Earthworm 2337
Lion Fish Paste, Synthetic Spinner, Artificial Worm 1443
Rubyfish Earthworm, Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Minnow 1206
Porcupine Fish Paste, Bug, Shrimp 921
Anemone Fish Bug, Paste, Synthetic Spinner 1044
Foxface Shrimp, Earthworm, Synthetic Crank 1248

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