Kalde lake
Kalde Lake


Crescent Moon Strait

Fishing site type:




Energy required:


Kalde Lake is a fishing site in Crescent Moon Strait.

Active sulfur volcano's crater lake. Water is very deep. Weird looking fish affected by sulfur occasionally appears.

Appearing Fish Type
Fish Bait SSS Fish Price
Redtail Catfish Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Minnow, Synthetic Spinner 2622
Tiger Shovelnose Shrimp, Earthworm, Synthetic Crank 423
Tilapia Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Spinner, Bug 816
Red Crow Paste, Bug, Artificial Worm 1173
Spangle Perch Paste, Bug, Shrimp 813
Red Oscar Shrimp, Synthetic Spinner, Earthworm 2013
Iridescent Shark Artificial Worm, Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Spinner 1647
Zander Earthworm, Bug, Shrimp 1239
Red-Eared Slider Bug, Earthworm, Paste 678
Bowfin Synthetic Minnow, Artificial Worm, Earthworm 1155


Item Picture Source
Sulfur Piece Sulfur piece Iridescent Shark, Zander, Red Oscar, Bowfin, Tiger Shovelnose
Rusty Dagger Rusty dagger Zander, Red Oscar, Bowfin
Yellow Fish Egg Yellow fish egg Tiger Shovelnose, Iridescent Shark, Red-Eared Slider
Red Claws Red claws Red Crow, Iridescent Shark, Tiger Shovelnose
Old Belt Old belt Wels Catfish, Bowfin, Red Oscar


Collection Stars Reward
1 5 stars
2 1000 gold
3 1500 gold
4 2000 gold
5 2500 gold
6 3000 gold
7 3500 gold
8 4000 gold
9 5000 gold
10 7000 gold
11 and more 2000 gold

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