Manglo River
Manglo River


Wing Coral Island

Fishing site type:




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Manglo River is a fishing site in Wing Coral Island.

Water level is always deep due to rain throughout the year. The name of the place is from many manglo trees.

Appearing Fish Type
Fish Bait SSS Fish Price
Leather Carp Shrimp, Earthworm, Bug 405
Catfish Earthworm, Bug, Synthetic Minnow 681
Freshwater Ray Shrimp, Synthetic Minnow, Earthworm
Silver Arowana Synthetic Minnow, Synthetic Crank, Artificial Worm
Fancy Carp Paste, Synthetic Spinner, Earthworm
Peacock Bass Artificial Worm, Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Minnow 1347
Grass Carp Synthetic Spinner, Earthworm, Shrimp
Thai Masha Artificial Worm, Synthetic Spinner, Paste
Barramundi Earthworm, Synthetic Crank, Synthetic Spinner
Rhodeus Uyekii Paste, Shrimp, Bug


Item Source
Wooden Bowl Leather Carp
Crushed Silver Coin Thai Masha, Freshwater Ray
Black Fish Egg Grass Carp, Freshwater Ray
Mangrove Leaf Peacock Bass, Leather Carp, Catfish
Fancy Carp Leather Fancy Carp, Catfish, Freshwater Ray


Collection Stars Reward
1 5 stars
2 1000 gold
3 1200 gold
4 1500 gold
5 1800 gold
6 2000 gold
7 2500 gold
8 3000 gold
9 4000 gold
10 7000 gold
11 and more 1500 gold