White Clam Town



White Clam Town is a fishing location.

Fishing Spots
Name Required Level Picture Premium
Clam Beach 20 Clambeach No
Jade Wharf 25 Jadewharf No
Sunset Lighthouse 30 Sunsetlighthouse No
Windy Area 35 Windyarea Yes


Item Source
Golden Scales Leopard Grouper, Bonito, Opaleye
Piece Red Teeth Horse Mackerel, Sea Bass, Sea Chub, Butterflyfish, Gray Mullet, Rockfish
Piece Backfin Red Seabream, Albacore, Leopard Grouper
Coconut Shell Triggerfish, Cuttlefish, Pufferfish, Black Bonito, Needlefish
Faded Flag Busiri, Black Seabream, Fat Bass, Scorpionfish, Empty Can, Parrotfish


Collection Stars Reward
1 Star Seeker
2 2 Golden Keys
3 3000 gold
4 20 S-Grasshopper
5 7 Upgrade Scrolls
6 6 Energy +30
7 25 S-Crank
8 4 S-Chum
9 15 Upgrade Scrolls
10 Special Potion (+11)
11 and more 20 S-Earthworm

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