Wing Coral Island



Wing Coral Island is a fishing location.

Fishing Spots
Name Required Level Picture Premium
Manglo River 12 Mangloriver No
Coral Bay 22 Coralbay No
Black Rock Beach 32 Blackrockbeach No
Deep Blue Hole 40 Deepbluehole Yes


Item Source
Bent Bronze Key Rhodeus Uyekii, Leather Carp, Freshwater Ray
Small Conch Polka Dot Boxfish, Sand Smelt
Abandoned Reel Striped Puffer, Bulgyhead Wrasse, Garish Hind, Yellowtail, Black Rockfish, Gizzard Shad, Spotted Parrotfish
Spotty Patterned Leather Silver Shark, Wahoo, Skate, Bigeye Tuna
Anglerfish's Decoy Skate, Saury, Bluefin Tuna, Silver Shark, Wahoo


Collection Stars Reward
1 20 stars
2 3 Golden Keys
3 5000 gold
4 20 S-Earthworm
5 7 Upgrade Scrolls
6 6 Energy +30
7 25 S-Crank
8 6 S-Chum
9 18 Upgrade Scrolls
10 Potion (+12)
11 and more 20 S-Paste

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